Who We Serve

Our products are found in Federal, State and Local Government installations, Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications.


The patented R-50 products are water resistant, fire proof, reduce roof and wall sustainability costs and reduce overall energy consumption.

What We Do

We provide the most advanced insulation technology products coupled with the 27 years of roofing and building envelop expertise.

Cost Effective Meets Energy Efficient… And Now US Patented.

Slimmer Profile. Lower Costs.

Conventional insulation requires up to 15-inches to achieve an R-50 value. We have compressed the same R-50 rated insulation into 1”. With our patented Vacuum Insulation technology, costly and extensive building modifications are avoided without sacrificing cost, thermal goals or energy efficiency.

Less Labor, More Savings.

The compact design of our Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) results in lower design and construction costs. Fewer trucks, reduced handling, less hoisting equipment, and eliminating retrofitting costs of conventional higher R-value insulations, the savings add up to $200,000 for 10,000 sq. ft. according to Oak Ridge National Laboratory*.

Increase Energy Efficiency.

High R-value of the Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) will reduce total energy consumption. Roof, wall and window systems are designed for energy efficiency and increased thermal performance.

Go Green, Stay Lean

Green and garden roofs increase roof insulation values and reduce overall energy costs. Our 1” thick, waterproof Rich E-Board panels are perfect for placement under green trays or seeding gardens to further reduce energy consumption and costs, while keeping the profile sleek. Our 99% recyclable panels contribute environmental consciousness, for the complete green space on top of your building.