R-50 Systems: Building Envelope Solutions


Positively Impact Retrofitting of Existing Structures and New Construction.

Amidst soaring energy and roof replacement costs, along with increased regulation and requirements, there is a perfect opportunity for an innovative roofing insulation solution.

As a leader in thermal technology, R-50 Systems identified this gap and filled it with a superior, high performing insulation product:  Rich-E-Board™.


R-50 Helps Generate Sales for Re-Roofs, Retrofits and New Construction

In a recent article by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) not only is code-level insulation good for protecting the environment by reducing energy and produced carbon emissions, code-level insulation also helps generate business sales, and build satisfied clients by reducing sustainable operating costs.  R-50 Systems helps your business by meeting the latest building energy and efficiency codes, which means tighter and better insulated buildings.  R-50 Systems goes beyond meeting the legal minimum code requirements.  R-50 delivers long-term customer value by helping your firm to design and construct beyond code – with minimal extraneous costs and improved construction efficiencies that offer more efficiency, quieter and healthier environments and a competitive advantage.

Rich-E-Board™ is the Most Advanced Insulation Technology on the Market Today.

The 1.5” profile, vacuum-sealed, high R-value, compact fiberglass insulation panel meets and exceeds all local/regional, national and federal guidelines while offering superior fireproof,  water- and mold-resistant capabilities.

R-50 Systems understood the potential for a drastic reduction in long-term energy costs by improving the thermal performance of the roof/wall building envelope. Beyond simply reducing energy loss, the lightweight low-profile panel also creates additional short-term savings in re-roofing, total replacement, structural retrofitting, construction and shipping costs.

Developing a product that was a 99% recyclable helped to inject sustainability while reducing the environmental footprint and landfill space. Additionally, the water-resistant panel is perfect for insulation needs under green, vegetative roofs.

With both residential and commercial/industrial applications, this U.S.-fabricated panel can be scaled to suit R-value requirements and will fit low slope roof applications without sacrificing higher R-value insulation needs or requirements.

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