Residential Energy Saving Insulation Applications


With R-50 Systems’ VIP Panels, now homeowners have the opportunity to get out from under those high and increasing energy charges.

Insulation Board, Fireproof Insulation

Historically, home insulations have been installed with little to no real emphasis on insulation values. Consequently, energy costs have gone unnoticed and are viewed as the normal course of business.

VIP R-Value_Chart
Threshold™ VIP R-Value Chart. Click to enlarge.

Whereas the standard insulation rating installed in attic spaces and home roofs is R-6, R-8, the ½” to 1” R-50 Systems’ VIP Panels have R-30 to R-50 ratings. That’s 5 to 10 times the R-value—using less material required to achieve it—the annual energy savings can be significant.

With R-50 Systems, you won’t be adding wool, foam glass or other material with little value into your home, either. In a simplified process, the panels are specifically positioned in walls, attics, and floors so as to reduce the homeowners long-term heating and cooling costs.


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