What are R-50 Systems Rich-E-Boards™?

Unlike multi-layered conventional insulation R-50 Systems, who rely on greater thicknesses to increase insulation R-values, Rich-E-Board utilizes Vacuum Insulated Panels to offer extreme insulation R-values at 1” to 1.5” thickness.

Produced in-plant in the U.S.A., the factory-fabricated system consists of a vacuum insulated panel set between two fire-rated boards, making the whole system fire-, mold- and water resistant—something conventional insulation is not.



U.S. Department of Energy: R-50 is 5 to 10 Times Higher R-Value/Inch

R-50 insulations are high-performance insulations that decrease building-wide energy consumption while reducing heating losses significantly.

The high-performance Rich-E-Board is R-50 Systems’ brainchild to solve the dilemma of high R-value requirements and the limitations posed by space constraints. By vacuum sealing the fiberglass foam center into a 1.5” profile, R-50 Systems has killed two birds with one stone. Three if you consider that the two fire-rated boards and reinforced polyester barrier it is encased in make Rich-E-Board  water, mold and fire resistant, too. 

Not satisfied with reducing energy consumption, energy costs, building and shipping costs, R-50 Systems made the panels 100% recyclable. The reusability helps to keep it out of landfills and reduces the product’s waste too. R-50 Systems is conscious of our environmental footprint, and so limits downstream waste during construction, maintenance, and demolition phases by introducing reusability.

  • Rich-E-Board also boasts a longer panel service life, helping sustainability by delaying eventual replacement costs as well keeping the energy costs down for longer.    
  • Rich-E-Board’s R-value factor meets or exceeds the standards set today by the local/regional, national, and federal guidelines.
  • R-50 Systems can be installed on most roof deck types and can support all conventional low-slope roof systems. R-50 insulation is produced in plant to provide extreme insulation R-values at 1” to 1.5” thickness.

R-50 Systems’ Rich-E-Board is perfect for applications that include:

  • BUR, Mod, single ply, metal
  • Extreme climate zones in the North or the Southwest U.S.
  • Single-story, large-roofed buildings (flat office buildings large maintenance facilities)
  • High rise buildings with curtain walls and large expanses of glass
  • Green vegetative roofs
  • Green synthetic roofs
  • Low slope roof apps