Sika Sarnafil has partnered with R-50 Systems to enable its customers to access a unique, specialized roofing system that is ideal for applications requiring critical energy needs. By combining the expertise of both companies, the Sarnathin-50 system delivers government-mandated R-values and net zero capability in the slimmest profile ever achieved. It is a sustainable, ultra-thin solution with measurable advantages over alternative products.

The Sarnathin-50 system utilizes Sika’s proven Sarnafil roofing membrane in conjunction with R-50 Systems’ Rich-E-Board™, a 1.5-inch thick, vacuum-sealed insulation with a protective covering on both sides and an R-value (resistance to heat flow) of 50. The slim, lightweight design decreases costs of building modifications and structural retrofits, while creating more usable space for living and/or operations. Because Rich-E-Board can be produced to various dimensions, it can be used in most building and wall applications with little wasted material…

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