Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP)™

Vacuum Insulated Panels, Rigid Insulation
Significant advances have been made in roofing/wall building envelope systems. One particular technology that has demonstrated results for improving insulation is R-50 System’s Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) and modified units of VIP.

The patented VIP technology has the potential to significantly reduce energy use when applied to reroofs in cold-climate low-rise installations where roof/wall area is a significant fraction of the overall building envelope surface area.

Application of VIPs provides highly efficient thermal insulation in building envelope construction. The advantages include higher thermal resistance, reduced thickness of building components and use of recyclable materials.

Even buildings with curtain wall facades—which generally have lower thermal performance compared to other typical enclosure systems—can now be designed for energy efficiency.

VIP Insulation Systems Significantly Improves Cost-Effectiveness Through:
  • Eliminating expensive building modifications (short term)
  • Decreasing overall energy costs (long term)

Some recent international findings on VIPs suggest:

  • They enhance the thermal performance of typical curtain wall systems, compared with conventional insulated solutions
  • Increasing the thickness of conventional insulation will not be efficient enough to meet the overall R-Value requirements for buildings.
  • A reduction in the condensation risk compared with conventional insulations

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